Saturday, November 18, 2006

SEO Tips for Content for Beginners

Mmmmm.....I have to say you,it's realy enormous work at my age not only to learn a new speciality,but to leaarn something like a site optimisation.I try to understand all this special articles,ruls;pass days for PC,my husband forgot how I'm looking,my dog asks me every day why we don't go for a walk...and I study.
Here I want to write a summary of what I found in all those infinite books and articles with one theme:
SEO Tips for Content
I do it to systematize info I acquired in these days,so don't expect large explanations.Only the sum.
  • Headline has to be attractive,because visitors don't read they scan the text
  • don't post great articles,only links to other page or file with descriptions where visitor can find your info
  • don't post big quotations,tell what have you read about and post link to the site.
  • assicure that long documents have PDF-variante for those who want copy it
  • control what others write to your theme.
  • control if your site has wasted advertesing space
  • trust visitors
  • post polls,surveys,promotion,catalog,news-letter ecc that your visitor begin to act
  • keywords have not to be too used,because with them you enter in a so great group of sites where is difficult somebody will find YOU.Original keyword can give you more evidence.
  • Not too many options.One product on the page.All products related.Sentences short,number of words under 200-300
  • Blogging structure
  • Easy navigation,visitors comfort level in mind
  • check all links and img-s to see that they work
  • fresh content,often change
  • bookmarkable
  • has to be unique,cool,relevant (content)
  • casual,friendly,interesting,don't copy others,be truthful,include rich and colorful imgs,video where you can
  • don't have orphan pages=not linked to others (how can it be?)
  • avoid frames -content frames and navigation frames (for robots and search eng.=SE)
  • don't overuse Dynamic pages=that change every time are loaded,not more than 2 elements + the same in text for SE and robots
  • you are trying to convince your audience that what you have to ofer will benefit them in some way
  • website agenda:1.attract interest,2.focus attention,3.convey attitude,4.enhance understanding,5.generate confidence,6.stimulate desire,7.motivate action
  • visitor has to understand that this is what he is looking for,than he will be more attentive
  • attentive presentation with graphics,copies,multimedia,expertise,experts
  • people buy not because they need this,but for emotions and psychical desire,Quality of the product is only to explain the fact.So your site has to create emotion and desire.
  • Visitor sees first center of the monitor,so there you have to post anticipated info.This is your visitors eye's journey on the monitor Immagine
  • Post tutorials that explain,create a niche directory,specific glossary,post your industry news,write articles
  • key of success are content positioning and page structure
  • understanding your websites goals
  • identify and understand your competitors
  • search
    engines are looking for:
    - each page of your site is an entry point, optimize (title tags,
    keyphrases) for what each page targets - Greg
    - strive for quality links over quantity links - the entire panel
    - if you are targeting your site geographically, get links from local
    entities (Chamber of Commerce, local directories)
    - NO LINK EXCHANGES (don't even bother - Matt cutts)
  • quality links (I really don' understand this)
  • laser focused on one specific product
  • write quality pages that appeal to the human reader,that providereader with exactly what they are looking for
  • yours has to be the honest appeal of true believer.
  • So to get your website to the top you not only need to optimize your webpages for your targeted keywords but also have to build as many backlinks as possible.
  • Make pages for users, not for robots.
  • Place important visual content on top-left fold of the page (640 x 480).
  • Place useful images that accurately describe your content. Show big colorful pictures of flowers if you are a florist. Show mathematic graphs if you are a statistics site.
  • Place useful text information that describes your content. A news web site may want to emphasize text over images. A photography site may want to emphasize graphics over text.
  • Use colors that represent your content. Warm colors for florists. Strong colors for game sites.
  • Use consistent color and layout across your site. Humans recall better when they see the same look and feel.
There is only one link here,because I lose other addresses.If I'll find something new,I'll add it to this post.

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