Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mental health

Surfing the web in the last 3-4 days I find an incredible quantity of sites about mental health.One surfing program wenn I ask to see somthing about health gives me all sites about mental health,other program -the same,the third -once more.I was surprised of this unanimity of so many persons in the same period.Maybe there is an important event these days in the world of mental medicine,asked I myself.Sometimes is it so:one says a word and all media began to repeat it till sombody find another word to repeat.
Then I see in many sites fotos of M.Jackson (2 of them in MyKitchen-Art-Musik,link on the right,I don't give direct link on purpose).I said,I have nothing against him.Sure it is publicity befor his new beginning of carrier.But when you,after dozens of sites about mental health see dozens of sites with his photos,you beginn to laugh.
Or to cry?

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