Thursday, November 23, 2006

I love internet surfing

I realy love it.
There are so many interesting sites as content and others as design.So I do it every daywith great pleasure:surf internet.
Unfortunately I know only one program that offers the tipe of surfing I like:StumbleUpon.

Somebody can say me,I can be paid for it when I surf with PPC sites,but I assusre you:don't believe to these persons.When I became internet for 24 hours, I started with all this PPC.I worked from 7 in the morning till the night ,but no one of all those sites paid me.And than,the sites presented in these programs are not interested first and often contain viruses -second.

So now when I have my own site,dedicated one page to sites I like "Interesting links I found".I surf the web and when I find something interesting,"put" it there.I have an interesting collection that grows from day to day,but never thought it can't be interesting for others,so was very surprised to see always growing number of clicks near my list.One part of it,180 sites for today, I presented in a specific Google Search Engine, Bon,Dzogchen,Buddhism ,I wrote about it some days ago.Now my dreem is to collect ALL my favorite sites in a special site,where they will be available for free surfing without tricks.
You,don't you like free surfing without tricks?

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