Thursday, November 16, 2006

The short story of Kotik

One day Murka was tired from the people where she lived and decided to find another place.
She went near the door of other people and called them.Knock and it will be opend.So happend this time too.She entered and saw that it is good.This is life!And so good was the life that she decided to prepare a gift for people that lived in this house.And the 1 april of 2006 she brought them 4 kittens.So was born Kotik and his 2 black sisters and a gray brother.The persons were infinitely happy to find every moning the cat-family befor the door because Murka brought them every morning from her stable in the flat.She wanted they live so and not so:

The children can live better as in that place, said she, it is not for enfant:

They are so beautiful

and they follow this persons and their dog for a walk too !!!
But today Kotik is alone.He rests in this house with his mother Murka.She wants he goes from here too, growl him and bite him.And here you can see his portrets when he was little and today

Eh...nothing,patience...mamma is mamma... even if she is angry with you, and you are bigger as she,you have to show her all your respect

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