Monday, November 20, 2006

Microwave pressure cooker and steam cooking

One month ago I began to write about Microwave pressure cooker ,my first experience and my sufferings to find something in internet about this curious machinery.In this period I tried to cook with it,but understood:it is not for cooking,but is only good for the first part of the preparation.A piece of meat is half ready in 15 minutes,but there is difference in taste with a piece of meat boiled normally.So I thought is better to begin cooking with microwaves and then give taste in a normal frying-pan.
Today I decided that it's time to eat healthy and cook vegetables in a Microwave stream cooker.For those who had never seen them (I wrote about it) I post here a photo.
About healthy food I wrote many times.Articles from other sites about Food intollerance you can see here and here.
This time I want to explore steam cooking.Everybody knows that it's good,but maybe I'll find something interesting to add.
I wanted to see what others say about it.Summary you can read on the site-page
My personal experience was not good.I prepared 1-2 times vegetables on steam,but could not eat them.It was disgusting.Now I remembered tips from alternative medicine (tibetan) that I have to eat only boiled vegetables to feel good...And immagin,my method was good.I cooked vegetables in the Microwave stream cooker and then put them into the frying-pan with butter.It was good to eat,but I added adjika-sauce and had a deliciouse course.


  1. Buy an electric steamer and stop using the microwave. You'll feel much better.

  2. ;))) maybe I'll feel better if I turn to eat what I love -fried potatoes...


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