Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Healthy food

Healthy food is for my family not a last question.We are not too joung more and began to think about conditions of our bodys.Alternative medicine says that many (and some says all) illnesses come from our food customs."You are what you eat",your body smells from what you eat.Once I read,often women are attract of men of one nation,because they have the same smell caused from food habits of a nation.This confermed me one girl that said:"I don't like r... men while they stink,I like i... men that smell nice".In one sence this has to be true.

But today I write about diets,vegetarian food and fast.I found an interesting explanation that contains all this customs.You can find it in "Argumenty i fakty"N°14,2006 written by Rinad Minvaleev.He says the food has to stay in our stomach for about 3-4 hours to digest proteins (meat for ex.).Only dietary fibers,cellulosa (vegetables) and pectins (fruits) have to reach intestine.There they ferment.Proteins in intestine began to putrify.This is the difference.

The physiologists know that "good" bacteries are not active with full moon and there is great danger to grow putirfying bacteries.So with full and growing moon is better to fast.Than with new moon eat meat.

One more.If you eat meat and than drink cold orangeade,proteins pass to your intestine in 15-20 minutes and to your stomach rest only sugar to digest.........

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