Monday, November 27, 2006

Thank you Liudmila.

Hello dear Liudmila,
Thank you for your very true and friendly words about my happy news .. You are really a very sweet person..
Lots of kisses to you from Rania my daughter.
Have a hppy day dear.


  1. mmmmm....Sayed,if I was not married I was head over hills from a man from this photo ;-))) (he said once about age?????)
    I want to send my roses to your doughter.I'll post them in my precedent post.Hope she can see them.

  2. Ah,forgot,tell me please,why all 2 names begin with letter M and what they meen.Veeeery interesting.

  3. OH my dear.. Iwas never mistaken when I said that you are really a great person , and as youknow I said , Ilove those who are great..
    Well dear about the name and the letter M ..
    Lots of familes love to have the names of their children starting with the same letter.
    About the names of my grandsons.. Here you are.
    Mazin the name of the angel who bring water to those wh are in paradise.
    Maleek is the angel who is responsible about hell . which is a great rank for any angel.
    Well dear I do hope that you are doing well ..
    Happy to have you in my life..

  4. Dear Sayed,I'm really honored to have you here in my sites.So it's all my pleasure.

    I think it's very nice to give to the children names of angels.Here in Italy there is other tradition,to give to the boys the name of husbands father(not all do it,but...).In my country you can give to your child the name you like,dosn't metter where you find it.


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