Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Children see you

I write about it very-very often. Guys, children see you! Look around you: how many spite spread we every minute around us. Not only we are unhappy ourselves. We create unhappiness of our children. Their unhappy future.

See this video and look at you.
Make your influence positive.


  1. Adults do do good things too and sometimes, it's a wonder the children do not pick that up. Anyway, when it comes to a time when the child has matured, the adult should not be used as an excuse for his or her bad /good action. Everyone has a brain and must be responsible for his action.

  2. Excuse me, footiam, but I'm not agree with you.

    I was a teacher of the middle school for 15 years and know very well what meens influence of negativity in all it's forms on the person. Not only on the little person, adults too.


    You have to be extremly hard to survive on the influence of bad environment. And not many persons (adults!) can do it.

    Children have solar soul (mostly),their "sun" ("Essence of Tatthagata") is not obscured by the clouds else. But they learn to live, to survive by their relatives. They copy the behaviour of their relatives (and persons they like and accept as their giude like a teacher).

    This video is a very powerful testimonial of what it represent.
    I know what I say.
    That is why I posted it here.


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