Thursday, October 18, 2007

Portable DVD player

Here I want to tell you about an electronic e-store,, that has interesting offers in this period.
The very special price is for portable DVD player that you can use in your car. It's a powerful entertainment system, slim and, as modern persons want it, easy to use.

You can not only view your DVD-s and CD-s. This device can play DIVX, MP3 and many other files and has TV tuner too. It meens, you can enjoy the photos you do during the trip without leaving your car and don't miss your favorite soap-opera or talk show even if you are far from your armchair.

10,4 inch ( that are 26,4 cm ) LCD screen is perfect for a car and can be pluged directly to the cigarette lighter. If you don't like it, there is a rechargeable battery pack in the kit. Using this battery you can watch you favourite shows for 4 hours. This screen had superior video quality.

Speakers have 3D surround sound effect and Dolby Digital decoding. Anti-shock suspension gives you the necessary protection in difficult for electronic devices situations.

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