Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Highland dancing

I write sometimes about dancing. I really like this art and the special art of men folk-dances is something that touches the chords of the woman-soul. Dear women, don't you like that rugby-men's "Haka" (second video) Haka - the most popular song of maori, great white... or were you not dissipate with the second "Hula" here Special -only for women? Unpossible.

Not only men-dances are fascinating. Remember this Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva dance in
Once more about dancing? This is simply perfection.

My dream was to see scottish dances. I thought it had to be something very curiously. First of all because I've never seen them. With time I forgot this intention, but yesterday I found an peery guide for those who wants to visit Scottland. A little too...you'll see. But in one sense it's interesting as information. After this I remembered my intention about highland dances and found 2 of them:
I don't know what's it's name

And this is the second, Irish Jig

I decided, the temperature is too cold there, so they have to jump in this way to warm them. :))) You see, one dance is scottish, other is irish, but they jump in the similar way... ;-)))


  1. You're certainly right about it being too cold there - and for that I never understood why the men wear kilts when it must surely be warmer to wear trousers!

    By the way, I read your comment on my blog about your fluctuating PR - I just looked and it has returned to 2!

    Maybe Google are about to start changing PR's after the long wait and this is the beginnings? I don't know and I don't think anyone outside of Google themselves really knows for sure.


  2. Beh... we have only wait for this PR's. I wait for it because some sites don't accept my blog for too low PR.

    Terry, but you are not from those places now?

  3. Dancing is always nice!It's a good therapy for tired souls! I like watching people dance too and wish I can do as well.

  4. You are right. I like the perfection in them. In the chants too. But perfection is a thing I could never have in dance, so for MY dancing it's only moving the parts of body... :(((


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