Friday, October 19, 2007

A completly new and unpublished video of ghosts

Here I post a completly new and unpublished video of ghosts.
Maybe they are not ghosts. The author of this video asked me to publish it and ask persons what they think about it.
When you see video, you have to pay attention on 30-33 seconds. The author of the video read my posts in my russian blog about ghosts, life after death and what think modern science about it, and decided to send me the strange video they did.

This is the story of the video:
Andrey and his girl went on 24/07/2007 to the lake Kapchagay that is not far from Almaty (Kazakhstan). The girl, as you can understand from the video too, filmed all the way. When they came back home and began to watch this video, noticed strange figures near the way in the 30-33 seconds place. You can see clearly the "smoke" figures. Andrey wrote me, he liked how I write about these phenomens and decided to send me his video to publish in my blogs.

I do what I promised.

These are my posts in my russian blog:
Фотографии приведений (Photos of ghosts)
Фотографии приведений -2 (Photos of ghosts-2)


  1. I all started with watching the bird.

  2. Hi Liudmila,

    I had to rewind and replay quite a few times to be sure the figures weren't shadows cast from other objects. As the camera leaves the area there are some small trees behind the positions of the figures which seem to blend in with where they stood.

    It's very hard to judge a video like this because the quality is poor - probably the major reason why so many paranormal events are dismissed by the (so-called) experts.

    As video technology progresses, we will eventually have such good quality footage that it will be impossible to dismiss the existence of the paranormal - ghosts, spirits etc as well as UFO's and other so far unexplained phenomena.


  3. There are ghosts all over the world, aren't there?

  4. IF they exist, they HAVE TO BE everywhere, I think.


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