Monday, October 08, 2007

Symbols of new-born Christianity

The Cathedral of Salerno makes you the same great impression as other buildings of this kind.

But it has it's incomparable property to be the great place to study those interesting symbols of initial Christianity that I began to describe last time.

We forgot to rise our heads to see other symbols over the door. Here we meet first of all the same lion -the church is powerful as the most powerful animal. Than there is a monkey -heresy-on the left. It's clear too: who is on the right has right. If this monkey is on the left and the lion is on the right, so, who has right? And between of those two there are birds eating grapes. Remember? "I'm vine and you feed from my grapes..."

Entered the yard of the Cathedral (pls correct me if I use not religious terms), you find a fountain in the center. I hope you see it no my photo. This is a symbol too, but the meening of it you find on the main door of the Cathedral, where there are griffins, drinking from the fountain.
Here fountain is the holy source of wisdom, of faith. It's enough to drink from the fountain for those monsters and they can rise to the eternal bliss.

We discussed in some posts in Lazy Yogi about chakras and the main idea of personal development ( Opening your chakras and Music and chakras) and Zubli Zainordin from Book Project Blog said: all this is about only one idea -being in touch through consciousness, realization, and awareness.

Say me, is it not the main idea of all Cathedrals?

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