Saturday, October 06, 2007

Very interesting persons I'm happy to be a friend

I wanted to write a very great post about two persons I met thanks to BlogCatalog and MYBlogLog.

Reading their posts is always a pleasure. They are written in a special language. You know, in the same language there are different possibilities to speak. One speaks using only bad words, othe speaks more or less correctly, but you can't listen to this person. His language (mostly men, I think) is full of wane words, those that have no sense. Sometimes you meet very clever and intelligent persons with 10 universities behind the shoulders, but they speak so, that you feel in a scientific conference about the life of Marsians.

Here I tell you about 2 persons not only very responsable and altruists. If you go to read their blogs, you'll be fascinate reading their blogs.

First I met Terry.
I was very impressed of his language and his posts. I'm phylologist by specialization, maybe for this reason I like to read Beautiful Language (not about MY english :((( ) and clear explanations. All this I found in Terry's blogs. I thought, it's because he has a very affascinating specialization....Here I tryed to present you his blogs that you can explore yourself.

Make Money Blog

Alternative Cures


The other interesting person I met in this days is Zubli Zainordin.
When I opened his blogs I did not understand them at first. Than I explored them and was surprised of his mode to creat the blog. Sincerely I've never seen something like this. And then if you want to know more about Technorati ecc -go to his blogs. You'll find many, many interesting things aboout this program.
Now I try with Zubli's blogs thumbnails...

Book Project Unity in Diversity at MyBlogLog

Who Is Zubli Zainordin
Your Wisdom of Total Happiness

Confess, I'm enchanted by these two men...


  1. Dear Liudmila. This is truly a Synchronicity. A step higher than Coincidence. We meet for a purpose. In this Matrix of our total life, either you enter my frame, or I enter your frame, or we enter an agreed frame, within the Total Movie, containing the whole story. In this journey or voyage in our total life, the point we meet is pure, as a result of individual's performance of self purification. There are more we can do together, in synergy, especially extending hands to some who are in an endarkment who prefer to move into enlightenment. In addition to individuals who are on earth moving proceed and progress on life continuum in each shouldering a role as a victim, a visitor, and a victor. It is a special delight being mentioned here. I am just an organizer of this our Book Project blog. I author Who is Zubli Zainordin, with nice labels of me for my own generations to know me and for friends and interested individuals. I also author Total Happiness blog, where I share my expertise. Yes, I initiate a new leadership at Technorati, sharing a way we can move up in blogs ranking together. Let's communicate further.

  2. I hope you like Beautiful World too
    or perhaps !
    Do come often!

  3. I added you to my blog-friends, so you'll see me maybe everyday.

  4. Zubli, I learned from you today so many important things. We hear often about Coincidence but I listen the first time about Syncronicity. It's a great theme to think about.

  5. Hi Liudmila,

    That was a lovely post and you said some really nice things. Thank you so much.

    I find your blogs very interesting as you have a different viewpoint to most people - it must have something to do with cultural differences as well as personality and creativity. We each have our own way.

    It's wonderful that we can help each other to improve our blogs and their ratings in this way.

    I'll try to keep up my standard of writing, although I can sometimes be haphazard in my way of working. This is because I often find myself traveling along on one train of thought, only to change direction and find I'm on a different journey through my sometimes chaotic thought processes!

    It doesn't bother me as I'm used to the way I think and work, but it often confuses people that I can be talking about one thing and be thinking about something completely different at the same time!

    Maybe that reflects in my style of writing - as it can sometimes ramble a little but without straying too far from it's original intended theme.

    I imagine that creativity takes many forms and no one form is any more right or wrong than another - it's what works for the person. All I know is that it works for me.


  6. Dear Terry,
    what I wrote here I wrote from my heart and what I really think. Without other backgrounds. I like learning something new and interesting. With good soul. And this is what I look for in other persons.

    I write what I think.
    If I like something, I write that I like it.
    There are things that I don't like. And I avoid to visit persons (blogs) of this type even if they are the biggest rank persons. I don't like the modern "psychological" mode to use bad words and other "psychological" stimulating through humiliation of human dignity.

    I hope in a great friendship with you and Zubli. ...if you find me interesting enough too...... :)))

  7. Thanks ,dear. See me yesterday everyday yes! That's sweet.

  8. Zubli is wonderful , is he not!
    I really am enjoying your outlook on things here....


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