Sunday, October 14, 2007

How can we help our blogger's-friends

One of the friends, Terry, in his recent post about Alexa ranking writes, we can help one other to reach highest blog rank on Alexa if we install the Alexa toolbar and than simply brows internet,visiting our blog-friends sites. This will do in the mode that Alexa knows about us.

For more info visit Terry's post, because I'm not very informed about all this things.
To instal the toolbar click this address

I installed this toolbar. So when I visit your site it has to add points to your Alexa-rank. I understood it's enough to have it installed in the browser, nothing more. Or not?


  1. Thnks Liudmila for sharing.I have just installed the toolbar. I don't really bother about ranking but I have also got nothing to lose by spreading this link love of my fellow bloggers. Blog on.

  2. Thank you. You visit my sites too ;)))
    It's really important for me.
    I looked your 2 blogs, they are not ready else. When you have them ready, tell me, I'll add them to my blog-friends list and will visit them every day as I do with all others friends blogs.


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