Thursday, October 11, 2007

Smorty for advertisers and bloggers

I wrote many times in this blog about my experience with money making opportunitie's offers all round internet. Those were years of really hard work and no earnings, because too many offers are not other as scams. Read my posts in this category were I give you the names of these sites too.

Today I want to tell you about a company I work for some month with. Smorty.

It is a service, connecting advertisers and bloggers.

Advertising on blogs is an important part of online marketing today. We, bloggers, are not only passionate writers. We are passionate readers an consumers too. And bloggers read many other blogs every day. So it's a good way for promoters to advertise on blogs.

For a blogger, get paid to blog is a great motivation in his/her work. Because all us know, to write an interesting post you have not only to have an interesting idea or photo, you need to find more new info to offer it to your readers. They are persons that want to know something new, something they don't know else. And to find this info occures time and work.

My work experience with Smorty is very positive. They have at least 2 great sides:
-they give you tasks regularly
-they pay regularly.


  1. Hello, here's a link about mantra,

  2. Oh, thank you very much,footiam ! I'll study it now.

  3. I had problems joining smorty - they would not accept my blog because of this stupid page rank business - their email of rejection said my blog must be a minimum of PR3.

    That really annoyed me because my blog gets many more visitors than many PR3 blogs, yet they don't seem to care about that - only what the Google monster deems fit to bestow upon our lowly selves.

    I don't particularly have much time for Google either...


  4. And I had the same problem with others like Pay per Post ecc. I have even 2 programs that have my blogs "pending" for mor then a month.

    I think, it depends not from the qualities of our blogs, but from their automatic responders.

    What can we do? Patience. We have try in all directions.


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