Monday, October 08, 2007

Tourist attractions in Sydney , Melbourne and Brisbane

Australia was for me a dream about the huge nature and animals. I knew, there are coala, aligators, sharks, interesting natural parks. The only person from Australia I knew about was Steve Irwin. Not that I'm so ignorant to don't understand that it's a great interesting country, but...

Did you know that there are very beauiful cities in Australia?
You know, you know, and you don't know too. So, do we want to explore them today?

is the most populous city in Australia with 4,2 million of persons living there. It was the first european colony on this continent, founded in 1788. Today it is the largest financial and business center. But for us is interesting that it is the major tourists desitnation. Why? There are not only "normal" attractions like boutiques and restorants, there are beaches of incredible beauty in this city. Imagin, you have not leave the comforts of the city to pass hours on the beach!!! Look at this photo! If you decided to go to Sydey, visit Hotels in Sydney to find the best accommodation there.

Other city to visit is Melbourne. It distinguished from others by it's ‘Precincts’, and every of them has their own unique character. For example, Hardware Precinct, a long, colourful and festive sea of outdoor café umbrellas (here on the photo). The historic Queen Victoria Market is the place where you can find everything to buy and ... an exotic, upbeat atmosphere. St Kilda Rd is the city's world-famous boulevard. And many other interesting places. Inspired of Melbourne? Look here to book you room in the Hotels in Melbourne.

If you prefere other Australia's states, Brisbane that has has a thriving live music scene, theatres and museums to visit in the city and every year you can partecipate on great shos and festivals. Do you want to go in Queensland? Book your camera in Hotels in Brisbane.


  1. Now you know two people who lived in Australia!

    I spent my childhood in Sydney in a suburb called Baulkham Hills, where I went to school and enjoyed a childhood that few Europeans, except maybe those living along the shores of the Mediterranean, could have enjoyed in those days of the 1960s.

    I visited Adelaide and Canberra in those years. My family returned to England in 1972 and I never returned, although I always wanted to, something always stopped me.

    One day I will go there again, I'm sure - there is still a magnetic pull on me to return to the place of my childhood as it would be with most people who move far away.

    We shall see

    The Honest Way

  2. One day I will return -says one song...

    You know, one antient wissdom says: never return there where you felt happy.
    It's true,I think. I dream all my life to return in Lithuania. I lived there from 4 to 18-19 years. There are even persons I know there.
    But it can't be a good experience. It's an other country after 30 years, there are other persons in this country, other life.
    We expect to meet our past there. It's unpossible. And there is nobody waiting for us there.

    We have to go forward,I think , and be happy on this way. Past do not exist more.

  3. Hi! I've never really left Sydney, but I'm 100km to the north where there are more trees and fewer people ;-)

    Keep up the interesting blogging!

  4. "...and many,many wild monkeys..." ("The Aunt from Brasile" -excuse me, I don't remember the name of the author)

    Thank you, I'm really very glad you appreciate my job.


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