Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Efficient dating to find friends all over the world

Now I want to tell you about a really great online dating site. Place where you can meet your soulmate, the man of your dreams and your princess, a lot of friends. Without hidden payments.

If you are familiar with a different dating sites all over the world, you know, those are made only to make you pay for every step you do. Even if you find one free, it's not free.

I had a sad experience like this some days ago. "You can find friends completly free, no fees no other payments", says one of the sites... till you have to contact the first person you're interested in. Here there is the "first and last little fee". "We'll never ask you to give us something more!" You only waste your time if you believe them.

I'm a member of different sites like that and become mails with "smiles" from time to time. I never open them. Who sends you a smile, waits you'll write to him (and pay the fee). So he/she can answer you without paying. Sometimes. One site wants only $25, other only $50.

dating site I write you here about is very special. I studied it from the top to the bottom and the only payment I found were the most popular CD-s or books. And the webmaster offers them in a pleasant way: he asks what books or CD-s like members of the site and gives you a possibility to buy them if you don't have your personal copy.

What I like here else is the page with articles, stories, poems written by the members of the site.
It's so romantic! Read this:

Oh, just kiss me! she said in frustration. Why? he asked. Why? Why! Because you’re supposed to!
But I….I….
What guy asks that?
An inexperienced –
Shut up and kiss me or I’ll knock you through that wall!

There are forums and chats with free access, and the navigation is very clear for everybody.
You can find different groups of interests there, even those who are interested in alternative healing technics! Don't smile! Sometimes is important that your friends have the same "anormal" interests. I look for those who is interested to practice buddhismus online, for example. And if I wanted I could have my group there too.

This site is for singles from UK, but there is a simple access to sites from other nations and you can partecipate where you want, on the global version too. It's enough that you write honestly where are you from. For example you have to go to UK and want to know somebody in this country befor you go there. So you can do it. Say openly about your aim.

I think, Flirtbox can satisfy you too.

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