Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In defence of hot pepper -the most antioxidant plant

The poor hot pepper was accused by many magazines to be dangerous, toxic and carcinogenic, so that scientists had to come out to speak in defence of it.

Capsicum (the latin name of the plant) is the most antioxidant plant and contains many chemical agents that can battle against tumor cells and helps digestion.

Scientists remember:
The populations that like to use hot pepper in their food (of Mexico, for example) do not present more cases of cancer as other people. Second fact: don't exist a scientific work that demonstrates toxicity of this plant.

Quite the contrary.
The antioxidant activity of Capsicum is higher than of broccoli and carrots. And it has the property to stop the grow of tumoral cells. Capsaicinum kills the cells of prostate tumor.

So, the hot pepper is very useful because offers many agents for our protection from diseases, helps if you have headaches. One of the Professors says: "The hot pepper is not only very useful, it's necessary to eat it, specially for men."

On my photo you see hot pepper plant in front of the photo. Behing the plant is Matilda saying something to me. ;-)))

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