Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is your diet really a Diet?

Did you know, we make grave errors when we think we are on a diet?

Listen to me!

1. Not escluding aliments (like meat ecc) will help you to lose the weight.
The quantity of calories.
Many vegetarian cheeses, margarine, sweetis made with pain, nuts ecc contain great quantities of fat. If you use them your weight will increase.
When you buy food, read about it's energy and fat.

2. If you don't eat fats, you remain without vitamins A, D, E, e K.
Without fatty acids do not work our brain and hormons, we have rheumatism, heart problems, psoriasis

3. Different leguminous, like beans for example, contain poisons. It is dangerous to eat them raw. After 20 minutes of boiling it's possible to eat them without problems.
Raw potatoes are indegesable, some other vegetables are bitter if raw, antioxidants of carrots and tomatos can be released only if boiled...

Source: "European Food Information Council (EUFIC)"

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