Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti and his women

It's sad to hear and to think about.

Every time one important person is dead, journalists begin to write so many stupidities. Nobody is interested in truth. For some days the notice will attract readers - and this is enough.

Pratically on the second day (maybe the first) after Pavarotti was dead TV began to speak about his women.

He has 2 wives. With the first, Adua Veroni, had 3 doughters -Lorenza, Cristina e Giuliana.
With the second, Nicoletta Mantovani, - one doughter, Alice. The second was, I think, more than 30 years younger. And here is the problem.

We hear about his bad relationship with the young wife and about great money every day now. He called his first wife "my wife" till his last day. The first day journalists said, all friends visited Pavarotti in the last month in his house and in the hospital -now:

The older doughters of Pavarotti had to tell in TV Monday they don't know about many testaments of their father, about quarrels between his women. It's not true they had no relationships with their father too.

Today "one friend" of Pavarotti told to everybody, she visited him befor his death and he was very upset. He has to shoot himself or he has to divorse from his young wife, he said her. The wife tortured him, and his friends can't visit him, and he has do what she want to see his doughter. Tell it to the mass-media after my death, because everybody has to know it, said he...........

She doesn't remember: all his friends visited him, and his older wife visited him, and even this woman visited him...
I'm sure this woman will write a book about it now, because TV-journalists don't want mention her name.

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