Sunday, September 30, 2007


This summer I learned more about a completly new (for me) science. Numerology. Not that I'd never heared about it, but I had never possibility to explore it closely.

I did not belive, numerology can be too real for one simple reason: numbers maybe not but alphabet is too young in this world. I think it's unpossible to connect the "young" and different alphabets with the Intention of the Universe.

This is what I think (till now) about it.

But the book I read this summer shaked my opinion. I don't remember the author and the name of the book. If you search on B&N you could probably find something; but use Barnes and Noble coupons to buy your book. It was a very clear explanation what to do and how to do and what it meens. I had nothing to do in the evenings, was too tired to do something serious, so I passed the time with this book. And I believed there is something intereting in numerology too.

Why I remembered it today? Read this:
D-Day: The Normandy invasion

  • The date of the invasion June 6,1944 {6644} reflects the first great invasion associated with Normandy in 1066
  • In the first Invasion in 1066 Roger de Montgomery commanded portions of William the Conquerors Forces.
  • In the second Invasion 1944 Bernard Montgomery commanded portions of Eisenhower's Forces.
  • German General Rommel -Montgomery's adversary in an earlier Campaign in N. Africa Commits suicide on October 14, 1944 {101444}
  • The Battle of Hastings took place on October 14 {101466}
  • Eisenhower's Birthday was October 14 {101490}
  • The first Norman invasion initiated the first major immigration of Jews into Britain.
  • The second Norman invasion initiated the chain of events that returned the Jews to Israel

  • From
    Top 15 Strangest Coincidences
    I'm sure you'll appreciate all this article if you didn't read it else.

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