Sunday, September 16, 2007

What has modern woman in her head

I wrote many times about the strange, incredible and inexplicable for me behaviour of modern woman. I told you about it in different posts. Like that notice of some days ago about women that want to make a child from a man dead 5300 years ago.

You remember maybe a criminal case, when many italian women of all ages (from high school) wrote to an old married man with 2 adult doughters. The man was accused to kill different couples that made love in their cars in the fields near the town where the man lived.

In Russia there are many cases that women write to delinquents in prisons, give them all confidence and everything they can.

One manager of US online dating service says (, the true love can come only with a criminal-background. Those will even change their business to bring it in conformity with this thought. And there are other sites and agents that follow or begin to follow it. Today they write articles ecc and are trying to legislate their business model...

I know different women from different nations that begin serious relations with every man they find in internet. And those are adult women. How many times I asked: What do you do? It can be dangerous for you! -nothing. They are even without the sense of self-preservation, they leave husbands and normal life to follow this call of their nature...

The most interesting is, they have no profit from this, they have losses only, sometimes heavy tolls.

What is this? What are they looking for?

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