Monday, September 10, 2007

What are we waiting for -thoughts about Vesuvio

I told you many times about the place we live.
On the photo upwords you see my latest shot of Vesuvio.
We hear the story of it's eruptions fast everyday in TV in this period.
You know maybe, scientists say, it's only the question of years that it has to be an other Great Eruption of Vesuvio. Because it's time for it. So, when I see the mountain I think, how will it be. And here I found some Amizing aerial photos with the crest of this mountain that is similar to Vesuvio. (It's possible to walk till there now, and we've seen steam rising from crater there.) These photos are like alive. I'm very impressed. From the fear maybe.

The photos unfortunately is inpossible to see in the blog... :-((((

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