Friday, September 07, 2007

What can you do for your husband?

Yes, I know, a woman can do everything for her man.

I know one woman that at her age of 40 changed the form of her nose because she thought her husband doesn't love her for this reason. The operation was not very successful, but she is happy now, and only this is important.

Sincerely I don't know if her husband loves her more or less after that...

The girls dress incredible clothes to feel more attractive for men. But the men don't understand it. I asked men of different ages what they think about these beautiful princesses.

Why? Because my own husband makes me mad with his quiety.
"Do you like this dress?"
(looks in an other direction): "Oh, you are sooo beautiful with it!!!!"
"You... Have you ever seen whom are you married with?"
It's incredible! I'm sure, if you take him as prisoner, torture him, then place for him 10 women and say: "take your wife and go" he will never leave the place because does not know how his wife looks like.

So I thought, others are better as mine in this sense.
And I did this experiment: I asked men about the beauty of women.
Nothing to do. All them say the same about us.
Nobody can understand why women have to pull all this stupid things on. If they do it, they want only to show to other men, who she is (bad words).

I'm more fortunate. My husband understands the situation. "It's a girl", says he. All females do it. Cats, dogs even hens. So he understood, it's the mode of existance for females, they have to feel beautiful. Not for males, for themselves.

But sometimes they do incredible things for their men.
One womens husband is an orthopedic surgeon and see here what he has done with his wife!

The poor woman in good health wears corset for 22 yeas 22 hours a day... She has 3 children too... But she has to earn money for her husband and ... look at her!

So I understood, dear women, never believe men if he looks at you and says you have to wear this or that because you are beautiful wearing it.
Surely he wants you fall into a trap!


  1. Actually this woman (Cathy Jung) reduced her waist by her own will, because she is fond of Victorian-era garments and they require a wasp-waist. See for further informations

  2. Thank you, Paolo, for the link. I'll visit the site tomorrow.


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