Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back from Russia

Dear friends, I turned back today on midday. The trip was very hard for me because of problems I meet. That is why I did not begin to work today. I hope, I'll be able to do it tomorrow.

First of all I wanted to thank all you for so many good words I receieved in this period! In my blogs, in blogger's communities and in personal mails. I'm really happy to have all you as friends! You know, I live alone here on the hill and you are my world and my friends.

I have different themes to write about and a great amount of photos. All this I'll present in the next days and hope it will be interesting for you.


  1. Hi Luidmila,

    So glad to see you're back with us! I bet you have a lot to tell us about your trip to Russia over the next few days - it'll be interseting.

    Taking your time to settle back in before you get writing again is a good idea to allow yourself to re-adjust to your normal way of life once again.


  2. Thank you, Terry, I really have different themes to offer and to discuss with you. And I hope it will be interesting for you, because those are psychological thems. The first part I hope to post this evening. There is great work with photos now, they are more than 200...


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