Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cloning your loved one

An other article about cloning and it''s benefits (photo from the article). For only about $32,000 you can have your loved animal for it's second life with you. Or maybe $150 000. Depends.

What I think always when I read about it: but it's the same animal, person that -if- comes from this manipulation of the nature? Will it be you if somebody will clone you?

Well, if we speak about the real parts of a body, they say -and the "fables" seem to be confirmed by many scientific observations
- the consciousness of the part of one body continues to live in an other body. And even can replace the "previous" consciousness.

As example I want to remember to you the story about a boy dead in an incident. His heart was donated to an other boy with mortal defect in his own heart (I think it was a heart, but maybe an other organ, the story is happened many years ago). The bride of the first boy wanted to visit that second (that lived far from that place and could not know anything about that couple). When the bride entered the room, the boy recognized her and he had typical behaviour of the dead friend of the girl and told her their little love stories, so that the girl had no doubts there is her boyfriend in front of her.

There are many stories like this now and even scientists recognize the own consciousness and memory of different parts of a body.

I think sometimes about strange behaviour of some persons that received organs or parts of the body of the dead persons. Like the man that had a successful operation, when he received new hands. After some years he pretended that that hands are removed. Nobody could understand WHY. He had the hands, they worked normally -but after some years he wanted they are removed...

But if we speak about cloning...
I do not believe the being that will come from this operation will be the same consciousness that we want to have with us. I don't know how you think but if it's for me, I wanted to have that soul with me, not the identic body. Specially in animals: you can find many "clones" -with identic look like the kittens on the photo for example. But they are different beings -that is what I wanted to say you.


  1. I think cloning is a very scary thing! Where will it end - Like the horror movies?

    I can't imagine what it would be like to have somebody else's hands. very weird.

  2. I'm the first to laugh about dummy "ethical" problems that europeans create to themselves. But there is something ... I don't know to find the word to explain my feelings... Dirty... Like those women that want to born a child from Ötzi, the man, dead 5000 years ago.

  3. Why bother cloning when each individual or animal being different is more interesting. I guess this cloning appeals to the rich who got nothing better to do with their money and are challenges to scientists.

  4. Maybe you are right, Fatiah, in case of human beings. Because we want always to create something unuseful.

    The nature had created cloning -for lizards, fishes -I wrote about it in Virgin birth. If it would be necessary for human it could be possible too. But it is not...

    Maybe it's a way to demonstrate to us existance of an individual soul? :)))

  5. Why people want to clone, I wonder. One good life is enough!

  6. I find myself nodding to Footiam's remark, I could't have said it better.

    Good day Liudmila!


  7. Hi, Ivy, happy to see you back here, in blogs!

    I agree with Footiam too, it's just too much to have one life!


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