Friday, April 18, 2008

Olympic Sponsors Go Out Of The Game

Zenkō-ji Temple Photo from Wikipedia

Once in all my life I hear that the protests of people produce the result.
I'm very sceptic about the possibilities that simple people can to influence the politic and great politic. But once in my life I had to hear that voices of people count.

The notice I read now in TimesOnline tells about 3 great companies -Coca-Cola, Lenovo and Samsung, those from 12 Worldwide Olympic Partners, pulled-out of the game.
until today, the games’ big corporate backers have appeared unaffected by the controversy that has surrounded the torch relay.

Lenovo said that it had pulled-out because of budgetary constraints. Samsung said that it had been warned by the committee organising the Nagano leg of the relay against the torch motorcade becoming too long.

This decision they announced "just hours after religious leaders at one of Japan’s largest and most spectacular Buddhist temples – the Zenkoji in central Nagano – said it could no longer be used as the starting point of the torch run in Japan."

I ask myself: what will follow it? Will Chinese government forbid to sell coca-cola in China? As US-government made with French and German wines when they did not want to support Iraq-war.

Some time later.
Seems I was right in my opinion.
One Russian online newsletter says: Chinese government and people appeal to all Chinese to punish France for the protests against Chinese government and for the support of Dalai Lama. The people want not buy more French goods. Carrefour is afraid of it and proclames they have nothing with these actions.
Protests in Europe made only bad to relations between Chinese and Tibetan people, says the newsletter.


  1. When sponsors pull out from things like this, sometimes I wonder if sponsors themselves could be trusted. If a deal has been made earlier, it goes to show that the sponsors do not keep their words. Maybe, the best thing is to call of the game! Let Olympic suffer!

  2. Sometimes I think it too: every good thing is ruined with the publicity and advertisinds made around them. I really hate politic and politics. And the asses around them.

  3. Many times, we let the people in power ruin our lives.If there is peace and stability in any country, someone will try to disrupt it in the name of the people. Places like Iraq for example, if people do not go to war because there is a dictator, why I wonder Americans flew their warships in for instance.

  4. These are the words I say everytime happens something like this. I've never seen one politic working for PEOPLE.

    An other question is that persons don't know what they want and what will be good for them.

    I prefer the point of view of an ostrich. I can't change anything. It's better don't think about this.


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