Thursday, April 24, 2008

Get Connected To A Community Of Your Friends

There are different social community networks in internet and I have accounts in some of them. Today is possible to join 3gb community a new quickly growing and very special possibility to make and meet friends, share photos, chat and even listen to the last mp3-s.

But why is this network so special that you have to prefere it to others?

First what I loved in this site was the easy sign up. I had not wait 10 mails to partecipate on the life there. The only restriction was they did not want to accept my Hotmail address. I wanted to use it for communities only but they did not like it.

The other thing I loved there, was the simple photo's uploading. You will laugh maybe, but I had this problem with different sites in the last period (I join communities for job, you know). Restrictions are really significant. It's difficult for somebody who doesn't know to use special programs to have 50x50 pixel photo for example. Control panel is very simple and clear -and you did not find it everywhere, believe me.

But the great entertainment began when I opened the pages. Absolutely best was the radio. You click on the button and open the radio-page. Here there are photos of singers. Click on the photo and you have a list of his/her hits. Click and listen. It was surely my preferite page. But other pages were very simple to join and understand too. Chat for example.

In poor words, I think, 3GB Community is an interesting social community network. Join it and have a nice time in internet.

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