Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Weather in 2008

It's raining, it's poring...

The weather is terrible this year here. In all the spring we had practically not seen a sunny day. Today I read an article about it. All the blame takes cold streem in the Pacific ocean. It's name is "La Ni'na"

So I new that there are 2 of these streems. "Il Ni'no" and "La Ni'na". Excuse me if I write this word not very correct.

"Il Ni'no" is warm and warms all the Earth +0,5° if it presents. And we had this situation for some years before when the weather was tooooo hot.
Now, the second, "La Ni'na", is now making the clima of the Earth more cold.

That is why in Bagdad and Kabul, where normal winter temperature is +25°C, this winter was with snow and the thermometer was under zero.
That is why there were anomalous rains in Bolivia and Brazil

And this anomalous rains here, in Italy maybe too?

In any case, the scientists think, this year will be more cold as normal.
Don't hide your waterproof capes, pullovers and umbrellas.


  1. It seems the weather in Europe and America has been quite unpredictable these days. I don't think I like to be there in winter especially if it's raining. Must be terribly cold.

  2. And I wanted to visit your part of globe. But I wanted to see animals. And I think the clima has to be sweet there...

  3. The weather may be bad but judging from the photo, people can make it beautiful!

  4. It's "How-to-survive-bad-weather" complete guide. More complete as so...


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