Friday, April 04, 2008

Great Photo About Cheese Gratis

This great photo is from the article about victims of all sorts of Internet and not Internet scams. I am not very interested in these theme today and wrote about them some times from the beginning of this blog -in first years of my "Internet life" I believed in honesty of writing word.

So, as said, I write this post first of all to have this great photo for my eyes. It's about Russian proverb that "Cheese gratis you can find only in the mouse-trap". And here there are 5 in one trap!

The second cause why I read that article was because I do not understand the matter of "Letters of happiness". It's clear, that they are the same scams, but I did not see benefits for those who writes them.

When somebody writes to me and says I have to send him some money -I understand him. If he writes to me to post his ad or link -I understand him. I have regularly persons that write 4-10 spam comment in one of my blogs EVERY DAY for much time. For different months. (That is why I have moderation enabled in all my blogs.) Interesting is that they work manually and continue for months (!!!) without any result from my part.
No, it's interesting as research.
I'm not angree with them. It's relatively hard work. What I don't understand is why they continue without any result? Maybe are too stupid? Or they are paid for quantity of posts?

Well, what I wanted to understand is the matter of those "Letters of happiness", I said.
You remember: send this letter to 4-10 persons 48 hours from this minute and something very-very good will happen to you. If you do not send it, you will lose this and that.

Normally there are not offers or links or publicity.

So, WHY?

The article do not give the answer. It says only, the persons these letters are directed to, do not have good self-confidence, they believe in SOMETHING. People with complex of victim. People that want become without making any effort -and this is a sort of mentality.
Swindlers use confidence, trust, greed, covetousness, fear, compassion.

Most interesting for me was the last list.


  1. Oh! There are so many mice here! It's like a lot of people being trapped in this world of suffering!

  2. ... in this world of desire to have the best for no cost... and to feel ourselves very-very-very sly...


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