Saturday, April 05, 2008

Demolishing Tragedy in Cava

These days are the most black in the life-story of many families in our zone. Municipalities began to demolish illegal houses in the "red" zone -where the buildings damage hydrogeological health of the soil. This explanation I read in this newsletter. And on the photo is one of the 16 houses that will be destroyed.

So, what happens?
Why persons build the houses in these places?
All these zone between Naples and Salerno has very high number of residents that is growing continuously. Not dangerous zones are popolated centuries ago. The prices of the houses is so high, that normal persons like workers and empoyees (and what to say about those who could not find legal work for all the life?) can not buy one even in 3 lifes (newsletter).

I wrote just: I can't understand how can live families with 2-3 children where only one adult has a job, where earns about 1000 euro, -and has to pay about 600 euro (and more) to the owner of a flat. +light,+gas,+heating,+food ...

These persons bought soil where is forbidden to build houses -and built them. Because they new that nobody will say nothing to them. Once in some 10-15 years, the government wrote the laws where said that these houses are legal from this day. And all these persons waited that 10-15 years pass and the next law will regularly come out.

But the tragedy do not finish with the lose of all money and the only possibility to have a good house for these persons. They have to pay demolishing too. How much? Only 25 000 euro. One year of work for those who HAS a job.


  1. People just need a roof above their heads!

  2. ... but they have to pay for it sooo much, that they have to understsnd, root over the head is luxury product.


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