Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creating An Own E-Shop

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My dear friends, I'm now on the way to last step to open my e-shop.

About a week I did not other as count, recount, research and research and research more. Now today I finally ordered what I will post in my e-shop. Everything about healing.

Healing incense, healing ear candles, fragrant stones for good sleeping, jewellery from semi-precious stones and even Singing bowl set!

Now I have to organize the shop-site.
Nothing to do, I have to pay hosting. I found open-source ecommerce card, but it's unpossible to use it without a specialized hosting. I found 2 good free hostings, but to use them I have to be an expert programmer. And I'm not. I know to use HTML in some cases, but I'm not able to create/change code of entire site and insert there a software. So, if I want to do it, I have to pass to a paid specialized in ecommerce hosting that has visual redactor.
The problem with this is that I have to deal with them for 2 years to have a good price.

I think to offer something in eBay to make me know by persons.
I write articles for italian sites every day.
Now I have to think about good marketing strategy. I have to be successful. It's my only chance to have a job. Maybe I have to begin with my psychological training: "I am successful. I am successful." Eery day 100 times a day.

Maybe somebody of you has an advise for me?


  1. Nice , e- shop. So many things, so little space!

  2. It would be much more "nicer" if I could understand something in this... :)))

  3. You are on the right track for using psychology. You have to have a winner's mindset to succeed. Wordpress has got shopping cart plugins but I'm not too sure if it works on free hosting. Problem with free hosting is that it has got many limitations. i wish I can help but I'm no expert either.

  4. Hy,your site is realy very interesting. Bravo to you Liudmila!!!

    Diana, Cyprus

  5. Hi,again Loudmila,are you ok? I am feeling just like you,i thing,i like desperatly to do something,a job,from my pc...i am realy comfoused.Its and the age, you know,nearly 40...I was thinking,too about a e-shop,but what? now with the all crisis! You in what stage are now ?

  6. Hi, Diana,
    I tryed with it. And sold some items too. But I'm not a right person to sell. So, I decided to do something I'm able to do, something that is nearer to my specialization: filology.

  7. hi,again,are you a teacher,Liudmila? i am teacher too,informatic-technology,microsoft office,exactly,so that why i am trying to do something on the net,but what??????????So,cant you giveme one idea ? thanks

  8. Dear Diana, with your specialization you can find many jobs in different freelance communities. To name some of them,, Demand studios,, elance -something like this. I don't know precisely the names. Specially if you know to write in English well. I'm unfortunatelly too old maybe, my head does not want to work, but even I try to understand how all this works and to find a way to earn my bread. Hope, it will be with butter one day.

  9. Buena serra,Liudmila.I was traing to many times with "biz on line,biz from your home...." and many like this. Are all fake,you must complete a form,give some money,another know.I hope one day to find the way to wearn my bread too,with butter (and a spoon of jum !!!).To much ???

  10. You made me laugh, Diana. I don't even dream about jam in this moment. ;0))) I decided to dedicate this summer to learn English well enough for professional articles writing.

    What you told, all the "biz" where YOU have to pay, are not good. You have to look for "freelance (+ your specializzation)". I'm sure you will find something. Dedicate some time to study how those communities work and how much the jobs cost and begin to earn your bread too. Maybe we will begin together this autumn? Mmmm?

  11. I agree with this, but and the greek kitchen is healty too. Nice foto, great view.


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