Thursday, April 03, 2008

Azurite -My New Love

I wrote some posts about gemstones and minerals in the last period
Hostess of the Copper Mountain about Malachite
Hemalyte (Graphite Bead) Necklace
Prayer Beads -Secrets of Mala about use of different stones in prayer practices
The "How-s" of Crystal and Gemstone Healing
and I wanted to ad a post about Feng Shui use of Crystals to this list in the next days.

Today I wanted to show you my new love.
I adore Malachite. If you go to see the photos in my post you will agree with me, I think. About a month ago I discovered it's relatives. One of them is Azurite.

Oh my dear God! What a collection of Crystals and Minerals with explanations on this site! I've stolen this Azurite photo, hope the author could pardon me.

The other relative of Malachite is chrysocolla I think.

Azurite was sacred to the Egyptians who believed it was an aid to spiritual communication.

Many believe that this stone helps to reduce anger and to increase psychic awareness. It is also thought to reduce abnormal cell growth, promote wisdom, and is used as an aid to relieve the paid of rheumatism. (Source)

Azurite creates a feeling of self-confidence, helping the wearer to communicate with compassion and from the heart. (Source)

Azurite* stone of intuition, insight and vision; increases communication skills, creativity, inspiration and intuition; brings clear understanding and new perspectives; stimulates memory, intellect, nerve activity, inner vision, clairvoyance and development of psychic powers; aids in mental healing, detoxification and removing psychic blockages; powerful transformative energy that brings spiritual awareness and higher wisdom; opens third eye chakra. ( eBay Guides )


  1. The second picture is a bit ugly and needs polishing! It's great how man can turn these into beautie!

  2. And I like it very much, that photo. It's natural crystal -and it's beautiful for this naturality. :)))

  3. The polished Azurite is beautiful. I will look for it on the internet as I don't see them here. Lidumila, you're turning into a gemstone expert. Please write if you find more beautiful stones.

  4. I like beeds of azurite because they are mixed. That is why they have these incredible colours. Not pure blue, but blue-green. I understood, it's common mineral, so you can find it all over the world. My is from America. I read, there are many caves in US.

    Maybe I have to become gemstone-expert really. I like them so much...


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