Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Don't Worry About Wrinkles

We find a rain of photos and notices about women that spend very great money to make their breast bigger and bigger and more bigger. I read about one of the stars that makes this correction every some years. About a week ago there was a notice about VIP-s that make greatest lips or other parts of body specially for this or that meeting or event.

I have to tell the truth, about women with this "Megamania" I began to hear relatively recently. About men, that wanted to see one part of their body much more bigger and did incredible operations -and without using medical assistance- I hear from the end of 70-th. The difference is that the women, when they like something, have not brakes. Surgery? No problem. Every year? Why not?

Well. But sometimes the things reverse.

The notice from March 31 tells about one German woman that brought an action against her surgeons.
33-years old, the woman had cholelithic desease (I could not find the right name), cured it successfully and became very tall with too much wrinkles. Decided to make cosmetic operation.
After it, she discovered to have silicone in the breast and it's measure changed from C to D. The surgeon said, they solved the problem of wrinkles on the breast in this way.

Who knows why the woman was not happy with these very demanded changes...


  1. I think the problem with most women who went for plastic surgery is because they have too much money. So they keep going for surgery if they are happy, to make more changes. And if unhappy of the results they go for surgery again to correct. If too unhappy they sue the surgeons.

  2. Maybe you are right, Fatiah. I notice it too: more money receives a person, more mad becomes her behaviour, normally. I would say: money and nothing to do, no particular interests and wish to make something.

  3. I agree Liudmila. Maybe they have nothing better to do, who knows? As for me I'm too scared to go under the knife, but then again ask me in another few years or so......

  4. And I remember more an other thing that I'm terribly afraid:
    Every surgery has it's % of bad results. Nobody tells it open.
    Are you sure that YOU will not make a part of that bad results?

    Once I wanted to correct my eyes. There were different persons -and my relatives too- that said "Don't do it! Ask oculists before!"

    I went to one good doctor and asked him. He said me after he made all controls: "You have a healthy organ. You have miopia, but your eyes are healthy. If something goes wrong, you become invalid. Do you know how many terrible cases with this operation we have? And if your case is one of them, nobody will turn you your healthy eyes."

    Normally in my life I have the fortune that everything I do has to go wrong. I thought about it and did not go for operation.


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