Monday, December 08, 2008

7 Things About Myself

It is a game,Meme: 7 Facts About Me that Footiam passed to me. Normally I never partecipate but in the last period different persons wrote me that I never want to write about myself. I think it's not true, first. What I write here is what I think. And what I think is my actual "reincarnation". I don't think, somebody is interested that we don't have heating in the house, and for this reason the house is cold and wet and not good for health. There are many persons that have much more great problems. So, I think, it's not interesting to write and to read about.

Well, I have to write 7 things about me.

1/ I'm that cat from Joseph Rudyard Kipling's fable that walks always where it wants. Many people do not accept it. But it's their problem.

2/ I love everything is alive (that is why Buddhism and Shamanism are good for me) and never want or enjoy something bad for sentient beings. My husband complains that in this house it's unpossible to kill a fly now, with this Buddhism.

3/ The greatest interest in my life is to study and to learn something interesting.

4/ I believe that the persons are good and would never make something bad to me. (!!! Because I have 47 years, I think -I'm probably completely and without hope stupid)

5/ What else? Don't know... I'm infinitely lazy. It's unpossibly to obbligue me to do something I don't want. In this case I'll be similar to an alive fish on the frying pan.

6/ Because I do not see good, I'm very inattentive. My mother made an experiment one day. She saw me in the center of the town and passed near me 3 times. I did not notice her.

7/ Different persons said me that I'm sly and artful. So they interpret my spontaneity and sincerity. Probably, everybody judges others from own life experiences and character.

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  1. Well, now I know a bit more about you. Nothing there that surprises me though :O)
    I can walk into a room that has something new in it and not see it!

    Thank you, I will do this meme soon :O)

  2. ;-))) It seems, we have different common "interests".

  3. I have this same habit People can pass me and I don't notice. Sometimes, I remind people to wave and yell! I think I am in my own world most of the time.

  4. That is what I say to all who knows me: if I don't greeat you make something that I have to notice you.


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