Saturday, December 20, 2008

What I Do In That Museum: Salerno, Sanct Peter At Court

Maybe you did not believe me when I told you that I go to Salerno from time to time to open a museum. Here I post some photos of it.

We are a group of volunteers, Archeological Group of Salerno, part of Archeological Groups of Italy, that do the possible to maintain alive and open for public one of the rarest places in this city. The archeological excavations in a church that show all the history of Salerno in one place.

In fact, it's the only open place where is possible to see that the old Salerno is situated on the roman town. More. The modern buildings grow on roman basis. This building (actually belongs to the municipality but till 70-ths it was a bakery) is a part of roman terms, than paleochristian church (the book written in latin and greek on my photo), than Longobard prince palace, than church, than bakery.

This last is an example how paloechristish community used roman terms entry to create a tomb for it's important member.

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