Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Main New Year Character In Russia

Main New Year personage in Russia is some different as in Europe. Not only he is more beautiful and has better clothes, he comes not alown to visit his admirers. Near him there is his granddaughter.

Maybe you will say, it's the fable for children. Everybody of us, adults, knows who is that "old man" and where comes he from. But if you think about it, try to remain without them and without all this feast's attributes and you will understand that they are a great part of our life. We know but we need them because the life would leave something if we remain alown. :)))

It's clear that the feasts in Moscow are most grandiose in the country. Here I add photos from one of my preferite russian resourses News.Mail.Ru where you can see other photos of this reportage.


  1. Very nice pictures! Are you not missing all these attributes now?

  2. Oh, I do!!! I would gladly sit there in center of them and have a new year in the company of happy persons.


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