Saturday, December 20, 2008

Running In Salerno

What you see on this photo is my dream and my shame. I know I have to make more movement and I would like to run as those mad salernitans do. Not only they, sincerely. It is common illness in the last some years. You find them everywhere. Young and old, working day or weekend. They run.

Even in our street, there are those completely finished. It's not a flat part, it's a hill. 300 meters over sea-level, no? We have a group of some men and women not from our street that run here. One of them, a female, we've seen once on the way to Salerno.

Well, I go at feet from my house till Salerno (12 km) from time to time too, but...

If you think that it is very nice to run on a beautiful sunny day, I agree with you. I wanted to do it too, but I'm not able to overpass my lazyness. But these persons become running-dipendant. We had a period of rains from the middle of November. Here you can see how was the weather in one of the best days there.

Now look at the last photo. The photo I made more bright to give you the possibility to see them. It rains. You can see a person with umbrella. I had to go from the place where I left the car till our museum. Can you imagine that there were MANY of that mads running along the seaside.


  1. Я тебе хотела предложить бегать с холма и на холм, но постеснялась. Так что присоединяйся к этой группе или организуй свою. Начинать надо постепенно, в Интернете ты найдёшь множество разных методик. так что - дерзай!!!! Я иногда бегаю, но только не зимой. Уже один раз я прихватила бронхит.

  2. :))) У меня зимой одна сплошная простуда, какой там где-то бегать... Но если погода хорошая, то я хожу пешочком куда-нибудь. Мне ходить больше нравится. Только без цели ходить не люблю (так как бегают) да и вредно это для зрения, бегать, таким как я, говорят. Я б по набережной там бегала, в Салерно.


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