Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shows In The Streets Of Salerno

Our Archeological Group had a meeting before the Christmas when we could say greetings one to other. It was late in the evening, yesterday. I came in Salerno one hour earlier because did not find persons in the street. I thought, it will be something terrible before the feasts but...

So I had nothing to do and wanted to walk in the main street to look in the windows of the shops whatthey sell.

Salerno generally -and specially during the feasts- is full of all sorts of street artists. Maybe they think there are too much tourists here. Is it true or not, but every street you go you find little shows.

Near them there are policemen that do nothing to catch them. I am surprized every time I see it: you see policemen in the streets but they only are present in the area. They say, Romans call them "cornetti" (it's a cake italians eat in bars for breackfast) because you find them always in bars.

From other side these shows give to the walk through the streets something special, a special taste. Sometimes you can see real performances like this one.

First the man than the woman after him took off their slips (about a dozen had the man) and began to juggle them. All this happend in some moments so that I even had not time to make photos.


  1. Sounds like an interesting street; wish I am there.

  2. After I read your post about nudity I smile now: how about this show with slips in the main streets in Malaysia?


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