Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Tale Of The Changing The Human Being

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My husband that fortunatelly turned home after his vacation in Argentina yesterday is now impressed by the notice that in ... forgot... german community where Mengele was hidden?... is now a normal practice to change the DNA of the persons. Imagin, he tells me, they cut off all ill and bad genes and give birth only to very healthy babies.

I know about this experiments and think there is nothing bad in them generally, till the point when it is necessary. I read or have watched a documentary about the illnesses that have some nations that will annihilate the nations if they will not use these practices. So, I want to say I'm not somebody that does not understand the normal neccessities.

In the last period I read much opinions of the persons that are against abortion. I think, these surely are persons that do not understand the situation, the life. Maximalists that like to cry something without thinking what are they crying. How many alive beings kill they every day they do not count.

I think, at the end the nature will take everything on their's places.

But the last notice I read seemed really bad to me. It tells about molecula responsable for our long time memory. Scientists want to cut off this molecula if somebody is suffering from the bad records and liberate this person in this way from his/her problem.

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