Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dancing Dakini

In my previous post I began to write about Goddesses. Here I want to tell some words about the most interesting for me divine female image -Dakini. 'aaa. D'akini. Dakinis are "Sky Dancers", very nice, cute characters from Tibetan folklore. They protect you and help you.

There are many pages written about dakinies, so I don't want to repeat all that experts here. These words are from one of the sites -unfortunatelly I don't remember the address of it to alow you to continue to read the article because I found it years ago, it is possible that the site do not exist more, I don't know. I think you will like this quotation:
the tantric view that there is no distinction between the ultimate metaphysical nature of woman and the relative human reality. Woman is the Dakini and is to be worshipped as such. Further, the Prajnaparamita gave Tantra the concept of woman as the Perfection of Wisdom, perfect insight (shes-rab, prajna),
I wanted only to show you 2 photos I made in my fireplace. I like to see a human figure there and like to think that it's the Fire Dancer.


  1. Probably the idea is similar -a woman as a Saviour, something magical, mother that gives us her love, everything we need and protects from anything.


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