Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Like Internet Or Happy New Year, Internet!

«DSCN8442.JPG» на Яндекс.Фотках

More I live with internet more I like it. Maybe you think it is obvious. But if you analyze the situation, you will understand that there are not so many persons (globally) in the countries where internet is available that can use it. Can -in 2 letteral senses: somebody has PC but can not pay internet, others have internet only to read mails, finally those who has everything necessary but do not know use it.

I have different complications in my life as you know: I live on the hills and all the persons I know are very far from this place. Far are the offices normally used in the life like post, municipality etc. Than, my real friends are in other countries. Internet gives me a possibility to
-stay in touch with my friends,
-speak with my parents and friends;
-have friends all over the world;
-pay everything I have to pay directly from my PC;
-buy special things I wanted to have and that are not in our zone;
-have notices from all the countries;
-learn everything I want to learn...

Some years ago I had seen a PC for the first time and was ignorant in it. Years pass and these week I knew some persons that do not know to use all these possibilities of internet they have.So I understood WHAT I have having internet 24 hours a day. It's revolution in my life.

Dear Internet, thanks and happy New Year to you!


  1. My mother wants to have the Internet now. Five years ago she was only angry about computers and the Internet. I think, the life is more practucal with the Internet. But there is one problem - no kontact. So I don't want to order my clothes in the Internet any more. i want to go in shops and by there.

  2. I really like to buy in internet. I find things there I would never see here. But the problem is the courier and post services. Because they easily can leave the pack I paid hundred and more in the middle of the street or give it to the first person they meet when they come here on the hill... I'm very fortunate if that person takes the pack to me than. Because not always they do it.

  3. У нас есть одна американская фирма, они продают одежду. Очень популярна в народе. Так я только у них заказываю. Они надёжные и деньги вперёд не берут. Присылают счёт. А с остальными я не связываюсь. и пересылка у них бесплатная.

  4. А я одежду, обувь предпочитаю покупать в магазинах. Пощупать, что такое. Да и покупаю я её исключительно редко. Чо мне с ней делать? Мне одних джинсов на 10 лет хватает. Вру, не хватает. Жирею как не знаю кто. Чуть ни каждый год менять приходится.

  5. Меньше макаронов надо жрать!

  6. Ай-яй-яй... Упитанная, а невоспитанная... Так вот ну прямо вот так на ни в чём не повинного человека... Ну нравится покушать, ну съешь там пару килограмм мороженого за раз время от времени... ну там пару раз в неделю..., ну вот прямо сразу и обижать...


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