Saturday, December 20, 2008

What You Call Treasure?

«Клад» на Яндекс.Фотках

By the way. Did you know that in many houses in the old town of Salerno people find many treasures? I wanted to know more about this phonomenon and here are the results of my little research.

If you think that the treasures are burried mostly in the filds, you are not right. They are in the walls of the old houses. I went to a numismat to ask him about "soldi" -italian money, and he told me, that a little piece of iron as 1 cent can cost an entire fortune. Thr owners begin the reconstruction of their house and find little bags with this money hidden in the hole made in the wall.

Why was it so? There were many bandits and enemies in old times and those could come suddenly nea the town. So the citizen had not time to hide what they had. They made holes directly in the walls of their rooms and put their what they had.

As a thing of great value could serve not only coins. In Pompei and Ercolano Romans had with them gold and jewelry, for example. But for not very reach persons it could be a "brocken bronze ladle" etc. :))) dipends...

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