Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hemalyte (Graphite Bead) Necklace

Some days ago I said to Footiam (that wrote different interesting posts about crystals and healing with them Crystals Cure! , More Amazing Crystals! , Prod your crystals! ) about my Graphite necklace. I said, I never take it, because I feel so as the necklace presses me in the ground. Footiam asked me to post photos and to tell what I know about this mineral.

Hematite, Hematine, Hemalyte is the name of this mineral really. It comes from Asia and Chenese, manifacturers, don't want to cut the beads because the process is difficult, the mineral is too hard, so the most beads are molded. Hematite is natural, but the process of manifacturing is this.

It is the same material that is used to make ... cast iron and to mold metals. Very interesting article about it (and photo on the left) there is in Wikipedia.

Because I complained it's bad behaviour with me, I'll write here about the "magical" qualities now.

So, if you take hematite, it protects you from astral attacks.
Bewitches your admirers.
Fulfils your desires.
Calms anger.
Helps with blood, spleen, kidneys, urino-genital system's and neural deseases, calms bleeding. (official medicine do not recognize it).

After reading this, I had very hard thoughts all the day:
why my necklace wanted to press me in the ground?????
Could it be that I'm an alien?

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  1. Hematite is iron ore and is not lead. Graphite is lead but is not hard. It is soft that's why it is used in pencil but diamond which comes from lead after going through high temperature and pressure is hard. The lead necklace is beautiful. I think I have seen in shops; but did not know that it is lead.

  2. Footiam, you know sooooooo clever things... I am absolut zero in mineralogy and other similar things. I could not believe that it's "graphite" when the buyer said it to me, because I know that graphite in the pencils is soft. About hematite I read yesterday when I wrote the post for the first time, so I don't know really what it is.

  3. I know just a little, Liudmila. We learn about hematite and graphite in school. That's all I know.

  4. There are so many interesting things that we don't know or forget... I think, I'll post more about minerals. It's fashinating theme.

  5. I prefer the beauty of your malachite.What do you mean the hematite presses you down?

  6. How can I explain it? Imagine a big chain. If you put it or hang it on the body, on the neck. This chain presses you down, you feel the weight precisely in the place where the chain is. I felt someting like this with this necklace.

    Now I have a new love, except malachite. I'll try now to write about it if the photo will be good. I can't make realistic colours on the photos...


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