Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sad Stories About Internet And PC

The very first sad story for me is the other "correction" of Google PR for this my site. Not only it's a question of bloggers "proud", but it's a problem with my "job". I saw significant difference in the task I had, practically the same day. Very Very Very great sadness for me. You know.

Ah, this is impermanence. Everything becomes old, not only a person.
It was not enough that I have to fight this machine every day, that do not want to work and turns off every some minutes. I became too tired from this story with PC last week so much that in my house all the bedsheets are ironed, floors washed, everything polished and husband and animals clean, fed and content. Imagine this miracle.

Now the last sad story comes from US. And it's about an interesting fact: the Internet service providers begin to limit access to Internet for users. When my PC works good I pass all the days near it. The sad is that Italian companies copy all the bad things that come out in US. So I can imagine this epidemic will continue in time.

Ehhh... I'm really sad in this period.

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