Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Do You Like To Look In The Mirror?

Everibody of us likes to look in the mirror. Females look everywhere they can see their reflection. Men prefere the mirror of their car, I think. I noticed, men in a car forget everything, even to look at the women walking on the street, when they notce own face in the mirror of their car. It's very interesting to look at them in this moment.


As in every good thing in this world, scientists find a bad "but" if they know we like something.

Did you know that the process of looking on your own face in the mirror can be very dangerous for you? No? Well, I open you the results of a research about it. The most interesting is that these researches were made in different countires US and Russia among them. I can't explain you what is so attractive in the reflection in the mirror, but it's a fact.

So, here are some most entertaining results:
Persons who like to observe themselves in the mirror advance in age visually faster. Worse is it for narcissists. And it is the known fact too. But it is not finisced here. They have even the shortest life as other persons. They say that the mirrors are energetical "vampires"...

Think twice before you look in the mirror!


  1. Yes especially now that I am still good to look at!

  2. :))) The difference of the nature:females are beautiful when young, males become veeeeery interesting with age...

  3. One day I was shocked to see a very deep frown line on my forehead. Didn't know when it first appeared! Must have looked very intense when I'm working.
    So now, I'll look in the mirror more often these days, and make some funny faces at myself or drop my jaw yawning... just to remind myself to relax my facial muscles, to smile and be happy :) Don't know how many people actually do this?

  4. Mmmm...these wristles, I don't know where they come out from. It seems they did not were here yesterday...

    I try to educate myself to be happy too, but I don't look at myself, I look around me and enjoy everything I see.

  5. I agree with you. I should make myself happy by looking at the beautiful things around me. The fact is my frown line won't go away... no matter how much I look at the mirror.


  6. 2 deep wristles appeared in the very last timed near my mouth. I really don't like them. And I don't understand where they came from, because I did not make "faces" that could provoke these 2. It's clear, they are for the rest of my life... Sad. What can I do with them? It will be better if I don't look in the mirror more... ;)))


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