Friday, September 05, 2008

A Dream About Own Water

Everybody of us has a dream of all the life. Navigating the internet today I found the photo of my personal dream among the other similar solutions.

Do you think, I have not enough of heremit life? No, MY dream is not to isolate myself, but to have all this water around me.

Could you imagin to open the eyes, go out in your bath costume (or maybe without it in a place like this) and swim, swim, SWIM!!!!!!!
Ohhh, I would never go out! I would stay there all days long. I would even eat and drink in this water!!!! Or maybe sit in that armchairs...

Have you a dream like this?


  1. That house is suitable for a holiday and even then, I 'll be afraid...I'll dream of tsunami every night!

  2. You are right. So as I "dream" about the next earthquacke and eruption of Vesuvius...

  3. Sorry dear, I don't dream. I did dream when I was younger, but now, I either sleep or don't sleep.
    Even after the horrible robbery that we had in our house did I not dream of anything.
    The only time I experience something close to a dream is when I have a narcoleptic episode, but this is not a dream but a reality in the REM sleep phase. Anyway everyone who can dream can consider him or herself blessed.


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