Tuesday, September 23, 2008

100 Years Of Clothes And Apostel Paul

This morning I foun d a site with white and black photos of the life in New York (NY) hundred years ago. I was never there but I like to watch the old photos in the last period.

When I saw the photo you see left here, I suddenly thought that the clothes (and the shoes!!!) did not change much in this period. So I wanted to control my idea looking for the clothes on the popular russian free photo-server where I take often the photos for my posts.

Here you can see the results of my research.

So, the first photo about NY
This is Coney Island, 1928. Walker Evans. (That beret with that cloth!!!)

The next photo has to be from 1950, than 1970 (the author wrote that this photo presented in one of photo-exhibitions of Soviet Union was recognized as a photo with low moral). I think these are 60-th, not 70th. Maybe early 70. And finally today.

Finally the last photo has nothing with clothes of all times. I like it's concept and humor :))) LOL The title says that somebody recognized WW as a reincarnation of Apostel Paul.


Модницы: ул. Подбельского

Большая любофф

Параллельный мир:)

«Церковь матушки Фотинии Светоносной» -Матушка Фотинья «узнала» во Владимире Владимировиче реинкарнацию апостола Павла.


  1. It's nice to see pics of those days when people don't wear clothes!

  2. I think it's enough to visit a nudists beach to see these days in real time.

  3. I like clothes and the different trends. So you can hide may be your fat and don't show it to the others.

  4. mmmm....with this elastic stuff and the belly out... I prefere do not look in the mirror...

  5. I'm not sure which era I prefer. I think I liked it better when women showed less flesh ;O)

  6. As for me I think the clothes have to be as comfortable as possible. Not in sense to be bad to look at, but if I feel hot I can wear something very open without being afraid that somebody will bit me for this. But if the girl wears clothes that open kidneys and than remains without them (like a daughter of my friend) -I think that those who "introduces this fashion" has to be processed for the results of his publicly dangerous actions.


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