Monday, September 08, 2008

Viva High Heels!

Is there somebody who don't like high heels?
Unfortunatelly I don't wear them for years because my husband is lower as me and don't likes to look at me upwards, but I like them the same. Why?
1/ The leg and entire figure is different. The high heel is what makes difference between woman and lady.
2/ It makes the figure beautiful -and I like to look at beauty in it's any manifestation.

«Ножки» на Яндекс.Фотках

Some days ago all media in Italy spoke about a new law that fobids the woman to wear high heels when she is at work. They say it's for the woman's health. To prevent accidents. And this in the times when we want to forgot about the fights of femminists!

Now I have an article for me telling bout terrible conseguences of high heels. They have even these pics -see lower (read all the article in

I have a question about it: dear researchers, aren't these normal, natural deseases of a human being that has nearly everybody reaching a certain age? Somebody earlier, others later.
Or is it an other demonstration to your money-givers that you make something to receive these money?

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