Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Is My Head?

Pls visit my new site "Mystic Gemstones"

The events of the last period made something with my head. I had a task assined me for one blog and I did it... in an other blog. So I had to add it here and have not write my 3 posts between the reviews. I don't like it and ask pardon by my readers.

How could I forgot something like this? I don't know. Maybe because I had different tasks in this period and I sold some items from my site Mystic Gemstones" and was too worried waiting that the client receives my pack. By the way, this is the set from rose quartz I sold. Very nice, believe me. It's from my site "Mystic Gemstones"

The client wrote me only this afternoon she became the pack and everything's all right.

You know, I'm very proud about this my site. I think I did a good job making it. Today I finally added a sub-page with Mystic Gemstones Newsletter's articles and many persons come to visit it. In my analyzing program I see that there are visits from mails. So I understand that sombody read the page and sent the address by the mail to her friends ( I think it will be
a lady).

Than I was very sad because I loose 1 point in every blog on blogger. Some days ago I saw it. What I don't like in internet, it's that nobody explains you what is happend and why. No,I don't speak about Google, they are too big to explain something. They are the big foot that squash ants without seeing them. But generally nobody has time to speak with you. How can I become better and correct my mistakes if I don't understand the reason of the rejecting?

And finally -but not at least- I have great troubles with PC because it doesn't want to work. It turns off every minute and it's a real tragedy.

Oh excuse me that I told you about my troubles, but I am so sad for the falls I have in this period...

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